Data Center Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations must be upheld by all customers, customer employees, agents or representatives ("Customer") and contracted service personnel including contractors and subcontractors ("Contractors") working at or on the land and data center buildings ("Premises") of Quality Technology Services ("QTS"). No exception will be permitted without written approval of the General Manager or Data Center Operations Manager of the facility.


Single Point of Entrance: All persons are required to enter and exit through the main Security Desk ("Security"). This Single Point of Entrance maximizes security for our customers by ensuring positive identification for individuals entering the premises. Your QTS Identification Badge ("Badge") must be prominently displayed on your person at all times while on QTS Premises.

Check In/Check Out: Upon arrival, please register your visit with Security. Upon verification Security will enter a Floor Access ticket which records your visit to the Data Center and notifies Security of your location on the floor in the event of an emergency. Upon your departure from the Premises, you will need to return to the Security Desk and close out your visit with Security. If you are working at the Data Center for the day and need to depart and return multiple times, you will need to check in and check out with Security each time you depart and return.

Access: Persons desiring admission to the Data Center Floor must be listed on the Customer Access Roster. Customers and Contractors not possessing a Badge will be denied access unless their identity can be verified as persons listed on your Customer Access Roster. Upon verification they will be issued a "Temporary Badge" and "DCO" (Data Center Operations) or Security will escort them to the Data Center Floor. Only the "Primary" persons, as designated on the Access Roster, have the authority to grant access to your Customer Space. If an individual attempts to enter but is not listed on your Access Roster, Security will attempt to contact a Primary to obtain authorization. If this authorization cannot be obtained the individual will be denied access.

Badges: Five badges are allowed for each Customer at no additional charge. A $40.00 charge will be invoiced for each Badge that is printed over the allowed limit.

Doors: Propping doors open or holding doors open to the degree that such will cause alarms or jeopardize security is prohibited.

Keys: Duplicating keys used on premises is prohibited.

Safety and Evacuation Rules:

Safety Issues: Children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the Data Center Floor. Open-toed shoes/sandals/flip-flops are not permitted on the Data Center Floor. All Customers and Contractors will abide by all QTS safety and security regulations for the Premises as well as all federal, state and local regulations.

Site Cleanliness: Customer leased space should be kept clean and the floors clear of obstructions.

Emergency Evacuation: In the event the emergency horns and strobes activate, YOU MUST EVACUATE the building immediately. Do not attempt to gather your belongings; this could cost you precious time. If you are on the Data Center Floor, please find the closest emergency exit door and evacuate the building. If you are in an office area, please find the closest stairwell and evacuate the building. All persons will evacuate to the FRONT of the building. Please do not leave the property until you have been accounted for. In the event of a weather emergency, DO NOT leave the building. Listen to the intercom instructions for directions to an interior location of the building.

Shipping and Receiving:

Delivery of Equipment to the Data Center Floor: All equipment entering and leaving the Data Center must enter through the Receiving Department. Hardware should be unboxed in the Receiving Area or Configuration Area to prevent unnecessary packaging material from being brought onto the Data Center Floor. Personal effects such as a laptop may be brought in through the front entrance.

Secured Receiving: Equipment may be stored in the Secured Receiving area for 5 days after delivery at no cost. Customer will be charged $20 per square foot per day for items left in Secured Receiving past the initial 5 days.

Packaging Materials on Data Center Floor: Cardboard and other flammable or dust-producing materials are not permitted on the Data Center Floor (which includes Customer Space). If you are bringing in boxed equipment to install in the Data Center, you may use the Receiving Area or Configuration Area to unpackage equipment. If cardboard or other flammable materials are left in the Customer Space on the Data Center Floor, a fine of $250 per week will be levied until the materials are removed.

Data Center Operations:

Tools: Customers should be prepared to be self-sufficient. Tools (screwdrivers, cables, testing equipment) will not be provided by DCO for Customer or Contractor use.

Shelving: If needed, cabinet shelves are available for immediate purchase from the DCO. Extra bolts for your cabinet-racked equipment are available at no additional cost.

Assistance: Installation of equipment is a billable service. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, Customers will install their own equipment. However, DCO employees are available to answer any questions and provide limited assistance.

Cabinet Identification: No identification may be placed on the exterior of your cabinet, cage or suite.

Cell Phones: Cellular phones may not function on the Data Center Floor due to physical impediments. Telephones may be plugged into the POTS line inside Customer Space if available.

Cameras: Cameras are not permitted at QTS without prior approval. Customers wishing to take photos should request a "Photo Application" request from Security, and the application must be approved prior to any photos being taken.

Two-Way Radios: To prevent electrical interference with existing equipment, two-way radios are not allowed on the Data Center Floor.

Building Rules and Regulations:

Floor Tiles: At no time may Customers remove the floor tiles on the Data Center Floor. Should you have a need for access under the floor please contact a DCO agent. Anyone found tampering with or working under the raised floor or on any building operations system without authorization will be immediately removed from the building and the offending party will be held liable for any damages or any operating costs associated with his/her actions.

Smoking and Tobacco Products: All QTS facilities are non-smoke facilities. There is no smoking on the Premises except in the designated smoking area. This rule also applies to smokeless tobacco products. Please see Security for the location. Any sort of smoke will activate the VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and generate a "Response Team" from the DCO.

Food and Drink: All food and beverages are banned on the Data Center Floor. Food and beverages may be served in designated areas of the office space or visitor areas.

Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Visitors may not be under the influence of or in possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or other intoxicants while on QTS property.

Weapons and/or firearms are strictly prohibited on QTS Premises.

Suite Customers: A barrier of three feet must be kept clear around all mechanical (e.g., CAHUs) and electrical equipment (e.g., PDUs).

Batteries containing acid are not allowed on the data center floor.

Additional Caveats: Touching, inspection, documenting or any form of tampering with equipment not specifically covered by the Customer's contract is strictly prohibited. Persons seen engaging in such activity will be reported to Security and may be subject to expulsion from the Premises and reporting to law enforcement officials.

Reporting: All Customers, Contractors and any other visitors agree to report any violation of these Data Center Rules and Regulations, or any other suspicious or improper activity to QTS personnel.

Facility Site Rules: Customers or Contractors who will be performing work on QTS Premises which requires working under floor tiles, working on overhead cable ladders, or other construction or facilities work, must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the separate document, Facility Site Rules, prior to the start of such work. Please contact your QTS Services Account Manager to obtain a copy of this document.

All persons on the Data Center Floor consent to be monitored by Security and recording devices to ensure a safe and secure work environment.